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  • Columbia Educational Article of the Month - Do mothballs or ammonia help repel armadillos?

Do mothballs or ammonia help repel armadillos?

Do mothballs or ammonia help repel armadillos?

So far as the wild animals are concerned, we all are not comfortable to have them at home as neither a pet nor we want them near about us anyway. This is just because of many common reasons. There is nothing like the effective Columbia armadillo repellent. The companies can sell the products and the armadillos repellant among them but from the true professional wildlife trapper, these products will not work. The example when it comes to the bogus South Carolina armadillo repellents is mothballs that have the naphthalene. However, the true is that it is not going to work.

The armadillos eat the worms, bugs and grubs and these are what the South Carolina armadillos do eat when they do sneak in the yard or in the flower beds in order to wreak the havoc. The armadillos do not destroy the property intentionally but as a way to find the food. The first step in dealing with the Columbia armadillos is to ensure that they do not come into your yard in the first place.

Many people decide to use the mothballs because they are small enough and they may be sprinkled around a fence without becoming the eyesore. The problem is that these repellents are not going to do anything in order to deter the armadillos and it is the fact that it is the poison around the South Carolina environment and it is a human carcinogen. It can be easier when there are the mothballs or any other spray that works and this is not going to be the case. There is the proof that the mothballs will not work since the Columbia armadillos will not work at all.

People may also try different things like human hair when it comes to the substance which may act like the repellant. When you search on what to do, you are going to find a large number of the myths and it should be discovered while searching on the websites. The theory behind the use of the mothball is that the armadillos consider the human as predators and when they are used they will scare the South Carolina armadillos away but this will not work. When it comes to using the scent of the predators, it is good to know that armadillos have thick hides and they are hard to catch so there are only a small number of the predators when it comes to armadillos.

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