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  • Columbia Educational Article of the Month - Will a pest control company remove a bat

Will a pest control company remove a bat

Will a pest control company remove a bat (they try, but do a bad job with poisons)

If the bats in your home are giving you problems, then the good news is that it is easy to get rid of them but when you are aware of what to do. It is easy to remove the Columbia bats since they go out every night, what you should do is to install a one way devices so that they can go out but not come back. However to achieve this in a successful way; you should ensure that all the entries to your North Carolina home had been sealed.

However, when you try to use the poison to kill the North Carolina bats, you should keep the following in mind.

- The bats are different from insects and there are no poisons that have been manufactured or registered to kill the bats
- When you use the insecticide such as tenting the house in order to kill the bats, some of them will not die so they will come back into your home through the walls.
- When you manage to kill the bats, they will rot and this leads to the unbelievable odor problem and it can be a biohazard to your home.
- It is illegal to kill the colony of the Columbia bats and when the government finds out, you are going to face jail time or enormous fines
- The bats are the best animals and every bat can live up to 10 years, when you kill the entire colony, you are wiping out thousands years of life of the bats. You should not do it. Using live exclusion is more effective, cheaper and easier while at the same time, it is humane
- The poison cannot solve your problem and when attempted, some of the bats may not die and they may escape and since the holes in your South Carolina home continue to be there, the bats will continue to live there and always come back. Always keep in mind that poison is not the best option.

The pest control company may also try to use the repellant so that the bats cannot enter into your Columbia home. Using bright lights with the fine screens can also repel the bats. Mothballs is one of the repellant that had shown to work but when too much of it is used, it may cause the allergic reaction in human and it is dangerous to human and pets. The sound machine may be effective, however, the success vary from one case to a new case. The machine emits the ultrasonic frequency that can keep the bats away. Some people can try to remove the bats on their own but there are many risks of doing this and it is always recommended to get a professional South Carolina help.

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