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  • Columbia Educational Article of the Month - What should I do if I find an orphaned baby opossum wandering about?

What should I do if I find an orphaned baby opossum wandering about?

What should I do if I find an orphaned baby opossum wandering about?

The babies of wild South Carolina animals are commonly seen outside during warm months. As they reproduce the new generations, you will find the orphans scatter unwontedly near the garden of yours. You may need or not need to rescue them but these signs can help you deciding what to do.

- When a baby opossum is given to you by a pet, this could be the sign that they may not be able to survive without your help
- When a baby is bleeding or bruise, it could be hit or smacked by something and you need to take care of it
- When you see if the limb is broken, it could be painful for them to stand
- When baby Columbia opossum shivers, it means that it could have disease

Handling South Carolina animals, no matter how small it is, should involve a professional in wildlife service. the smallest animal can carry virus or bite you so it is necessary to check on their health condition before it affects on yours. Make a comfortable shelter before the pickup occurs or if you are to transport them to the rehabilitation, be sure to get a comfortable sleep cave for them.

The best thing would be to put the South Carolina animal in a clean container. Before you do that, wear your gloves and don’t pick them up using bare hands. Do not give them water or food because it may affect the digestive system as you don’t know if the food or drink can choke it.

A quiet and warm place is ideal for any baby Columbia animal. They lost the mother’s warmth so it is best to create artificial warmer like blanket of cloth or close the box lid. Animals can get stressed with humans voice. Keep the noise level at pace so they don’t get depressed and ill. It is important to keep them alive as these babies need help. When an orphaned baby wanders about, there could be a clear sign that they need you in order to survive.

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